Ecommerce Price 2019 Danmark

Date: 23
Location: Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Danmark

Let's take you on an e-Commerce Journey

Did you know that it was 25 years since the first product was purchased over the web and we globally became aware of the e-commerce phenomenon in the way we know it today? On this big day in Øksnehallen on May 23, 2019, FDIH will focus on 25 years of e-commerce - the theme will be a retro theme, so you can relive the great development that has taken place in the industry since 1994.

More than 800 guests from the absolute elite in e-commerce will visit this year's e-commerce party in Øksnehallen. There will be applause,  tales, cheers, victory dances and joy tears on this year's menu as well. 

So come and meet Intershop at this events. Just fill out the form and we are happy meeting you in Øksnehallen.