Mastering the art of B2B
e-commerce: holistic ways to improve user experiences and business performance

Discover how holistic, customer-centric strategies elevate B2B
e-commerce, enhancing user experiences and business performance.

B2B Frontrunners session 4

Navigating the B2B e-commerce evolution

In today's dynamic business landscape, the pursuit of seamless B2B e-commerce journeys is paramount. Join us on a transformative journey as we explore the power of holistic approaches. Discover how a customer-centric mindset can enhance user experiences and propel business performance to new heights. Discover how you can build a relationship with your customers that goes beyond mere transactions, transforming you into their true growth partner.

Let's embark on this adventure together, uncovering the strategies, innovation, and cultural shifts that will shape the future of B2B commerce. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business landscape. Fill out the form to unlock the potential of a customer centricity in B2B commerce!

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Customer case: Discover practical payment use cases tailored for B2B ecommerce

We'll highlight how a strategy around payments can amplify customer relationships and boost conversion rates. Au Forum du Bâtiment, a major player in the building supplies market such as tools, industrial supplies, electricity, sanitary, plumbing and locksmithing, will share feedback on a new payment method, revealing its impact on their website and organizational processes. Together with insights from Fintecture, learn how payments can drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Customer case: Crafting a customer-centric portal: Röhm's holistic journey

Dive into Röhm's (a leading manufacturer in the methacrylate business) transformative approach to organizational change, rooted in real customer insights. Discover how an NPS survey ignited a series of advisory board meetings and interviews, leading to a meticulously crafted MVP for their self-service portal. Uncover the art of prioritizing features using ROI calculations and the pivotal role of stakeholder alignment in ensuring a seamless transition for customers. Join us for a deep dive into leveraging customer feedback for genuine innovation!

Key insights for improving user experiences:

  • Prioritize customer satisfaction and personalization.
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks and redundancies.
  • Shifting your role toward growth partner by not only delivering products but also providing solutions.
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration for continuous improvement.
  • Leverage data analytics and customer feedback for journey optimization.
  • Embrace technology, automation, and robust communication channels.

Meet the expert speakers and participate in the discussion

Join us for our expert speaker series and hear from industry leaders who will share their knowledge on staying ahead of the curve. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills, share your expertise, inspire others, and belong in this rapidly evolving world of e-commerce!
Tanja Tschech
Digital Strategist
Sophie Marot-Rémy
VP Partnerships & Product Marketing
Cyrille de Sagazan
Head of Consulting
Atul Jain
Founder / CEO
Mario Vesper
Direct Product Management
Customer Journey Experts
Arjen Bonsing


Röhm is one of the leading manufacturers in the methacrylate business. From applications in the automotive, electronics and construction industries to medical technology: Röhm supplies exciting growth markets with high-quality products and the latest innovations. As a global leader in quality and reliability, we are shaping the future of methacrylate markets together with our partners.

Au Forum du Bâtiment

Au Forum du Bâtiment (AFDB) is a French company specializing in the distribution of construction and building materials. Catering primarily to professionals in the building sector, AFDB offers a wide range of products and services, ensuring quality and expertise in the field.


With a 20-years' experience, DATASOLUTION is today the B2B/PIM expert on the French market. By combining the best of its expertise - e-commerce, PIM/MDM, digital marketing, UX/UI, hosting and managed services, consulting and Phygital, DATASOLUTION offers a complete range of solutions and services for the digital transformation.


At Fintecture, we believe that payment is more than just a financial flow: it's at the heart of a value chain, and a determining factor in customer satisfaction, commercial efficiency and internal productivity, and therefore growth! That's why we invest daily in our products and carefully study each use case, to adapt to the realities on the ground and deliver on the promise of payment for additional revenue for our customer.


Neortus is a commerce boutique agency with a mission to propel speed and agility in brand’s digital commerce ambitions. Neortus support their clients in their transformation journey to become growth agent for end customers. Their expertise, adaptability, and innovative strategies empower clients to excel in a competitive landscape. Onboard on this digital commerce ride with Neortus and accelerate remarkable results.

Customer Journey Experts

Customer Journey Experts help B2B and B2C companies with knowledge, insights, and tools to improve their customer journeys and create value.

Who should attend?

This session, the fourth out of seven planned interactive virtual sessions organized by the B2B Frontrunners community, caters to the needs of e-commerce, sales- & marketing managers and executives, digital professionals, owners of B2B and high-performance B2C companies, and customer experience managers, data analysts, and web developers.

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