Unveiling Huisman's breakthrough digital approach supporting and selling complex products

Explore this journey beyond the conventional: How tailored portals are revolutionizing the heavy equipment sector.


Learning from Huisman's transformation

Embark on the pioneering voyage of Huisman, the forefront leader in heavy construction equipment across renewable energy, oil and gas, and naval sectors.

Witness Huisman's digital evolution while adopting an agile approach, where they:

  • introduced "myHuisman" - a state-of-the-art customer platform supporting customers across their full customer lifecycle,
  • focused on spare parts, services, and technical documentation, and
  • integrated cutting-edge drone technology for forward-thinking predictive maintenance. 

The outcome? A holistic overhaul of their service delivery, all with one goal in mind: unparalleled personalized support throughout the full customer lifecycle.

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Advanced B2B e-commerce features highlights

Explore how Huisman harnesses the sophisticated features of the Intershop Commerce Platform, including the distinct "Order on Behalf" function, streamlined approval processes via the Organization Hierarchy function, and strategic utilization of saved shopping carts for quotation purposes.

Elevate your digitalization and service vision by joining our enlightening webinar. Seize this chance to gain wisdom from industry trailblazers. Don't miss out on insights from industry leaders.

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Key take aways

  • Grasp Huisman's unique strategy in their digital transformation supporting customers during the full customer lifecycle.
  • Discover the transformation behind "myHuisman" and how it redefined service delivery.
  • Dive into the unique features of the Intershop Commerce Platform's that Huisman utilizes.
  • Harness insights from industry pioneers to refine and elevate your own digitalization and service strategies.

Meet the expert speakers and participate in the discussion

Huisman Equipment
Dirk-Jan Goudswaard
Product Owner MyHuisman
Huisman Equipment
Christian Kriesels
Solution Architect
Jens van Hal
Functional Lead
Gerrit Enthoven
EVP Marketing, Sales & Channel