Mastering Intershop to leverage the platform economy and expand your reach

Improve your expertise, gain actionable insights, and elevate your business with Intershop's advanced features.


One flexible commerce platform, for limitless growth

By harnessing the power of the platform economy in B2B e-commerce, you can drive efficiency, collaboration, and value creation. In this session, you will learn how to adopt a platform-centric approach. We will cover how to’s and learnings when connecting with a wider network of partners, resources, and specialized services. Integrate with popular marketplaces, launch your own to expand your reach or empower wholesalers, dealers, and diverse business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) and boost revenue.

Join our Deep Dive session to learn how to maximize the use of Intershop's capabilities and gain insights from use cases and best practices from leading Intershop customers.

What will we discuss together?

  • Key strategies and cases to benefit from the platform economy
  • Seamlessly integrate with marketplaces
  • How to become a marketplace, such as a Vertical Industry Platform
  • Empower channel partners with individual online shops or customer portals
  • Consolidate operational companies on one commerce platform
  • Discover real-world use cases and best practices from leading Intershop customers

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Thomas Gresens
Thomas Gresens
Principal Sales Solution Consultant
Peter Dietrich
Peter Dietrich

Who should attend?

This Deep-Dive caters to the needs of B2B Frontrunners community members, e-commerce managers, data analysts, web developers, customer experience managers, and digital professionals of Intershop users or those researching B2B e-commerce platforms.