B2B Frontrunners - bringing like-minded experts together

Intershop’s B2B Frontrunners Community is dedicated to bringing together fellow e-commerce professionals around the world who strive to stay ahead of the curve. Join us to access exclusive resources, peer support, and the latest developments in the industry!

B2B Frontrunners

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Members of the community get access to the following:

  • Monthly interactive virtual meetings, where like-minded professionals meet, and conversations start.
  • A community platform with rich content, reports, emerging trends, strategic insights & tools.
  • Recognition: a platform to showcase and exchange achievements and practical use cases.
  • Peer and expert support and advice on e-commerce and Intershop topics: solution architecture, headless commerce (PWA), Intershop hacks, how-to's, new features, innovative technologies, updates, and much more...

Join a community committed to advancing the industry and tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise!


Intended audience

B2B Frontrunners caters to the needs of e-commerce, sales & marketing managers, executives, and digital professionals, owners of B2B and high-performance B2C companies, and customer experience managers, data analysts, and web developers.


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Get strategic insights in our virtual sessions!

Date Topic

Tuesday, Jun 20

Unleash your B2B e-commerce growth potential with data-driven intelligence.

Tuesday, Sep 12

Harnessing the potential of platforms in B2B e-commerce

Tuesday, Oct 10

Unveiling the power of highly personalized experiences

Tuesday, Nov 7

Holistic ways of working to improve user experiences and business performance

Thursday, Dec 7

Opportunities of ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies in B2B

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024

The opportunities new technologies offer in B2B

Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024

Embracing sustainability and social responsibility

These highly interactive sessions last 90 minutes and start at 3:00 PM CET/ 9:00 AM ET. Each session is carefully designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that allows attendees to deepen their understanding of the topic and apply practical insights to their work.

Join also the Deep Dives to take Intershop to the next level.

After each B2B Frontrunners session, Intershop Talks are programmed, which are deep dives hosted by Intershop experts. In these deep dives, you will improve your expertise on Intershop’s capabilities, learn about advanced features and use cases, gain actionable insights, and ask any related questions to use the Intershop Commerce Platform to the next level.