Boost your B2B e-commerce business with a strategic approach to AI, data, and technology! 

Discover how strategic foresight will help to create an endless B2B buyer's journey. Learn to merge long-term vision with tangible ROI and foster an innovative organizational culture. 


Innovate your e-commerce buyer journey

In a world of uncertainty and change, waiting for better days is not an option. It's paramount to face your challenges and opportunities, define strategies and set smart goals. Take action now!

Rethink your strategy for cost reduction, revenue growth, and improved buyer convenience. Shift towards an ongoing buyer’s journey. Let us help you answer crucial questions: Where am I? Where do I want to be? What's my next step?

Exclusive insights from the Copperberg digital leadership survey

Discover essential components of digital leadership for B2B e-commerce success. Explore how strategic vision, innovation, and agility shape the digital buyer experience.

Cultivating strategic growth through visionary insights

We will move beyond one-size-fits-all strategies. You will gain tailored insights by Bunzl and Spinner Group, that ignite innovation and elevate your strategic planning to new levels of creativity and effectiveness.

Showcasing practical strategies for innovation

Partnering with diconium, explore real-world examples and innovative tactics to become B2B frontrunners. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. Let diconium's experienced consultants help you map out your unique journey. Secure your spot now and begin your transformation.

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Key learnings:

  • Unveiling the Copperberg survey's insights on Digital Buyer Convenience.
  • Discover your organizations digital maturity.
  • Define actionable strategies for digital transformation based on your company's maturity.
  • Craft a roadmap for technologic sophistication in B2B e-commerce.
  • Connect journey enhancements to concrete customer and business value.
  • Maximize online customer convenience for optimal ROI.

Meet the expert speakers and participate in the discussion

Join us for our expert speaker series and hear from industry leaders who will share their knowledge on staying ahead of the curve. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills, share your expertise, inspire others, and belong in this rapidly evolving world of e-commerce!
Bernd Burkert
Senior Digital Consultant
Matthias Riedinger
Project Manager Digitalisation
Rudy Uijtenhaak
Digital Transformation Manager
Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director
Tobias Giese
Tobias Giese
EVP Customer Lifecycle
The Humain Touch
Arjen Bonsing

SPINNER Group - Frontrunner in RF Technology

SPINNER Group, with a 75-year legacy in RF technology, champions high-frequency performance with a global footprint and an annual revenue of approximately €250 million. Headquartered in Munich and bolstered by 800 employees, SPINNER operates production sites across three countries and services industries in over 40 nations.


Bunzl is a multinational distribution and services company, headquartered in London. It operates across various sectors such as food distribution, providing a wide array of products including food packaging, cleaning and hygiene supplies, and personal protection equipment. With a workforce of over 22,000 employees, Bunzl services its clients internationally. In the fiscal year 2022, Bunzl reported a revenue of £12 billion, underscoring its role as a major player in the distribution of non-food consumables across the globe.


diconium, a digital growth partner, specializes in strategy, commerce platforms such as Intershop, and data intelligence. They are experts in digital sales and transformation. Their 2,000+ experts work across 14 global locations to ensure top-tier service.


Copperberg creates physical and digital platforms bringing together the manufacturing community in order to grow and build relationships globally.


The Intershop e-commerce platform and cloud-based technology give B2B companies the power to establish and improve customer experience, and increase online revenue.

The Humain Touch

We guide companies in harnessing AI's potential to truly become customer-centric, data-driven, and create business value by leveraging their internal knowledge and human ingenuity. Our distinctive methodology is the result of extensive research, a deep understanding of AI, hands-on client partnerships, and the invaluable insights gained from analyzing countless customer journeys.

Who should attend?

This session, the last out of seven planned interactive virtual sessions organized by the B2B Frontrunners community, caters to the needs of e-commerce, sales- & marketing managers and executives, digital professionals, owners of B2B and high-performance B2C companies, and customer experience managers, data analysts, and web developers.

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