Unleash your B2B
e-commerce growth potential with data-driven intelligence.

In this 1st session out of a series of 7 expert sessions, you will learn how to boost B2B e-commerce growth with data-driven strategies that enhance the customer journey to stay ahead of the competition.


Data over emotion in B2B e-commerce

Emotion is very important in B2C e-commerce. But when it comes to B2B, the words ‘complexity’ and ‘data’ are always at the center of discussion while solving business challenges across the B2B buyer journey. At Jarola Group, a Dutch wholesaler, they understand the complex nature of delivering value in the B2B market. They have adopted a data-driven approach with customer-specific catalogs, pricing, and configurations. They also prioritize providing a B2C-like user experience. During the session, we will discuss how Jarola has tackled these challenges.

We will also share and discuss the technical and legal challenges that Soennecken faces in utilizing their data to provide recommendations aimed at boosting the business of their over 800 affiliates, who sell a wide range of over 25,000 articles.

The key to B2B e-commerce success

This is the first of seven interactive virtual sessions for the B2B Frontrunners community on what leaders in B2B are talking about. Today's session is about setting up a well-thought-out customer-focused e-commerce strategy connected with data and technology. The experts of Customer Journey Experts, digital agency De Nieuwe Zaak, Soennecken, and the Jarola Group organize this session. The highly interactive session combines a theoretical model, practical experiences from a use case, relevant technologies, and future potential.

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What will you learn to unlock your full potential in the B2B buyer journey?

  • Improve product and service offerings by understanding the client and individual user requirements. 
  • Optimize marketing strategies and targeting efforts for higher conversion rates. 
  • Develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients at various levels to secure repeat business. 
  • Enhance user satisfaction and loyalty on all levels at the client, leading to positive internal word-of-mouth and external referrals.

Meet the expert speakers and participate in the discussion

Join us for our expert speaker series and hear from industry leaders who will share their knowledge on staying ahead of the curve. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills, share your expertise, inspire others, and belong in this rapidly evolving world of e-commerce!


Jarola is a large wholesaler, employing more than 600 employees, handling 1.6 million orders from 160.000 customers a year for products coming from more than 300 manufacturers.

De Nieuwe Zaak
Frank Beke
Marketing Lead


Soennecken is a prominent retail cooperative for office products in German-speaking countries, supported by 550 employees and selling more than 25.000 products via 800 affiliated retailers.

Andre Herbst Soennecken
Soennecken eG
Andre Herbst
Director IT Solutions

De Nieuwe Zaak

De Nieuwe Zaak is a top e-commerce agency prioritizing user needs and delivering solutions. Their multidisciplinary team of 80+ experts in Strategy, Design, Technology, and Marketing creates successful solutions for retailers, wholesalers, and brand manufacturers.

De Nieuwe Zaak
Martijn Hazelhorst
Digital Marketing Manager

Customer Journey Experts

Customer Journey Experts help B2B and B2C companies with knowledge, insights, and tools to improve their customer journeys and create value.

Customer Journey Experts
Arjen Bonsing

Who should attend?

This session, the first out of seven planned interactive virtual sessions organized by the B2B Frontrunners community, caters to the needs of e-commerce, sales- & marketing managers and executives, digital professionals, owners of B2B and high-performance B2C companies, and customer experience managers, data analysts, and web developers. Not part of the B2B community yet? Become a member here.