Mastering Intershop with big data: Unlocking success with Intershop Data Hub!

Improve your expertise on Intershop’s capabilities and advanced features, gain actionable insights and take your business to the next level.


The role of data-driven Intelligence in B2B e-commerce

As B2B e-commerce becomes more complex, businesses need to utilize powerful platforms and integrate data-driven tools to stay ahead of the competition. Intershop offers a robust foundation for your data driven B2B e-commerce strategies, with critical features that third-party integrations can supplement to achieve long-term success. Join our Deep Dive session to learn how to maximize the use of Intershop's capabilities and features, leverage integrations with data-driven intelligence tools to gain valuable insights and drive business success.

What will you take out?

  • Gain insights on data-driven commerce architecture with Intershop for business transformation.
  • Explore standard Intershop’s features for a robust and scalable data-driven infrastructure.
  • Ensure data and security needs with Intershop's support for ISO27001.
  • Utilize data collection, integration, segmentation, and analysis for informed decision-making on shop performance, customer behaviour, and sales trends.
  • Harness AI and machine learning for predictive analytics, personalization, and dynamic pricing.
  • Learn practical methods to measure, report, analyse, and optimize data-driven initiatives.
  • Discover real-world use cases and best practices from leading Intershop customers.

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Nils Breitmann
Principal Enterprise Architect
Chi Shing Chang
Managing Director

Who should attend?

This Deep-Dive caters to the needs of e-commerce managers, data analysts, web-developers, customer experience managers and digital professionals of Intershop users or those who are researching B2B e-commerce platforms.