Opportunities of AI technologies in B2B

Discover how generative AI technologies are reshaping the B2B landscape and why and how you should embrace an innovation-focused culture now for long-term success.


Generative AI in e-commerce, you ain’t seen nothing yet

In today's business landscape, grasping the potential of generative AI for both buyers and merchants is crucial for future B2B e-commerce success. It enhances efficiency, provides personalized support, reduces costs and boosts revenue.

Harness AI to automate tasks, leverage analytics for pattern recognition and personalized customer interactions, and promote collaboration between AI and human teams for innovation. Additionally, optimize your online stores for a better user experience, personalized offerings, process efficiency, SEO, cross-selling, and up-selling strategies.

PLUS: Discover Intershop Copilot, the tailored virtual assistant for B2B e-commerce managers, developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

Join our webinar to explore how AI not only supports but also propels business innovation and growth in B2B e-commerce.

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Better, smarter, faster - some practical use cases!

VBH will present a use case using their Scanner App, where contextual product recommendations are provided by integrating the generative AI ChatGPT into the search strategies of SPARQUE.AI.

VBH's CIO Oliver Maisch and SPARQUE.AI co-founder Chi Shing Chang, will provide insights into how this App is an enabler to deliver optimized product suggestions and can increase your revenues by intelligently linking systems.

VBH is an international wholesaler for window and door fittings with annual sales of around 550 million EUR operating several localized shops based on the Intershop Commerce platform.

Key insights:

  • Connecting speed of innovation in a practical way to your strategic objectives.
  • Understand the role of ChatGPT and similar technologies and develop a strategic vision for AI adoption.
  • Strategies for fostering innovation through AI integration.
  • Discover Intershop Copilot and how it transforms the daily B2B e-commerce operations and reduce cost.
  • Contextual AI content to improve in-shop product recommendations.

Meet the expert speakers and participate in the discussion

Join us for our expert speaker series and hear from industry leaders who will share their knowledge on staying ahead of the curve. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills, share your expertise, inspire others, and belong in this rapidly evolving world of e-commerce!
VBH Holding GmbH
Oliver Maisch
Experts in Motion AG
Benjamin Rost
Experts in Motion AG
Ulf Seelig
Principal Consultant Digital
Business & eCommerce
Bernd Mayer
Partner Technology Strategist
Karl Moritz Wildenhain
AI Engineer
Chi Shing Chang
Managing Director
Nils Breitmann
Principal Enterprise Architect
The Humain Touch
Arjen Bonsing


VBH is a prominent international wholesaler specializing in window and door fittings. With an impressive annual turnover of approximately 550 million EUR, the company marks its strong presence in the global market. They are operating several localized shops based on the Intershop Commerce Platform.

Experts in Motion

Experts in Motion, an e-commerce agency, specializes in system integration with technologies such as Intershop, SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) and Emporix. With know-how built since 1999, especially in Intershop implementations, they have a track record of executing complex projects. Their proficiency in customizing e-commerce applications and system integrations is aimed at enhancing efficiency and success for businesses of all sizes. Focused on facilitating digital transformation and opening up new online sales channels, they equip companies to navigate and thrive in the current and future competitive market landscape.


Microsoft excels in B2B with Azure cloud services and enterprise software. Its focus on AI, Azure AI, Copilot, and its partnership with OpenAI, drives innovation in enterprise technology together with partners such as Intershop.


SPARQUE.AI provides AI-powered search and recommendations to help customers improve their online store's sales performance through AI-supported algorithms that integrate various data sources for seamless communication with multiple platforms. Developed from rule-based AI, this technology offers a versatile and intelligent way to enhance customer interaction.


Our e-commerce platform and cloud-based technology give B2B companies the power to establish and improve customer experience, and increase online revenue.

The Humain Touch

We guide companies in harnessing AI's potential to truly become customer-centric, data-driven, and create business value by leveraging their internal knowledge and human ingenuity. Our distinctive methodology is the result of extensive research, a deep understanding of AI, hands-on client partnerships, and the invaluable insights gained from analyzing countless customer journeys.

Who should attend?

This session, the sixth out of seven planned interactive virtual sessions organized by the B2B Frontrunners community, caters to the needs of e-commerce, sales- & marketing managers and executives, digital professionals, owners of B2B and high-performance B2C companies, and customer experience managers, data analysts, and web developers.

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