The definitive guide to digital buyer convenience in B2B

Achieving digital maturity can redefine the buying journey, ensuring customer loyalty, continuous engagement and drive business growth. This report is a toolkit for B2B companies aiming to lead in the dynamic field of B2B e-commerce.


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In the rapidly evolving B2B digital commerce sector, prioritizing buyer convenience is essential for enhancing customer experience and fostering growth. This report outlines how achieving digital maturity can redefine the buying journey, ensuring customer loyalty and continuous engagement. It emphasizes the importance of setting and measuring clear KPIs to continuously improve digital buyer interactions. By leveraging AI, data, and technology, businesses can significantly improve the customer experience and drive growth.

A toolkit to mastering the digital buyer convenience in B2B

"The definitive guide to digital buyer convenience in B2B" serves as a toolkit for B2B companies aiming to lead in the dynamic field of digital commerce. It equips businesses with the knowledge to create seamless buying experiences that encourage repeated interactions and drive business growth. Additionally, it presents a critical challenge: How can companies that are currently behind in digital maturity catch up? This central question underscores the report's goal of guiding businesses towards achieving leadership in the digital commerce space through strategic advancements and innovation.

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Why this report is a must-read:

  • Seamless digital buying experience: Discover practical steps to increase customer loyalty, conversion and lifetime value.
  • Cutting-edge strategies: Learn a strategic approach to operations, organization, and technology to shape improved digital buyer interactions.
  • Measuring customer value: Setting clear KPIs is key to measuring customer value at each stage, and prioritizing user convenience throughout the buying process.
  • Data-driven insights: Leverage actionable data to continuously enhance your customer's journey and boost conversions
  • B2B leadership examples: Explore success stories and case studies from leading B2B companies to inspire innovation.
  • Competitive advantage: Stay ahead in the digital commerce game by adopting innovative approaches to digital buyer convenience.
  • AI and technology integration: Gain in-depth analysis and expert opinions to navigate the future of digital transformation.
"Forward-thinking manufacturers must proactively adapt to the evolving digital landscape with a comprehensive strategy and clear long-term goals. This approach is key to leading in digital buyer convenience, enhancing organizational maturity, directing strategy, and succeeding in a dynamic environment."

Lisa Hellqvist, Managing Director, Copperberg