Unveiling the power of highly personalized experiences: Elevate your B2B commerce with personalized content

Discover how personalization redefines B2B interactions, aligning personalized content with user expectations and elevating client experiences.


Ready to revolutionize your online B2B interactions?

Join our exclusive webinar as we dive deep into the world of personalization. As customer expectations soar, learn how to adapt and exceed them. Discover the strategic significance of delivering personalized content in B2B e-commerce. Uncover techniques to enhance engagement, loyalty, and cross-selling opportunities. From advanced technologies to cultivating a user-centric culture, we'll guide you through the process of delivering bespoke experiences.

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Use case Motul

Motul, the leader in fluids and lubricants for Motorbike, will dive into the world of B2B e-commerce personalization. Learn about data utilization, product discovery, personalized recommendations, and end merchandising using Sparque.AI. Don't miss this unique chance to learn from market leaders to elevate your user experience.

Use case Isero

Isero, the Netherlands' foremost specialized hardware wholesaler and service provider for construction professionals and technical services, will present insights into their current implementation of personalization within their e-commerce solution They will also share their future goals for enhancing personalization to elevate the buyer experience.

Key insights for personalization successes:

  • Stand out in a saturated market with strategies that set you apart.
  • Boost engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty across the board.
  • Unlock opportunities for strategic upselling and cross-selling.
  • Tailor experiences to cater to each user's distinct preferences.
  • Exceed B2C personalization standards, meeting user expectations head-on.

Meet the expert speakers and participate in the discussion

Join us for our expert speaker series and hear from industry leaders who will share their knowledge on staying ahead of the curve. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills, share your expertise, inspire others, and belong in this rapidly evolving world of e-commerce!
Julia Malysheva
Group Head of Digital
Erwin Zegstroo
Teamlead Online Business Team
Wunderman Thompson
Marco Flapper
Consulting Practice Director
Micha Boas
Regional Partner Manager
Yuliya Widon
Senior Sales Solution Engineer
Chi Shing Chang
Managing Director
Customer Journey Experts
Arjen Bonsing


Motul, a global leader in lubricants, offers high-performance products across industries. With over 160 years of history, it's known for innovation and quality.


Isero stands as the leading specialized hardware wholesaler and service provider for construction professionals and technical services within the Netherlands. They boast 67 branches, over 1000 customer-focused employees, and an extensive catalog of 50,000 products.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Wunderman Thompson Commerce offers comprehensive digital solutions in Marketing, Commerce, CRM, PXM, and CX.


Contentful's platform enables rapid content delivery and seamless tech integration. Automating content empowers teams to prioritize customers.


Transform your shop into your top-performing salesperson with SPARQUE.AI. Boost conversions by 20% as customers experience personalized content, real-time search results, and spot-on recommendations – just like your best salespeople would provide.


Our e-commerce platform and cloud-based technology give B2B companies the power to establish and improve customer experience, and increase online revenue.

Customer Journey Experts

Customer Journey Experts help B2B and B2C companies with knowledge, insights, and tools to improve their customer journeys and create value.

Who should attend?

This session, the third out of seven planned interactive virtual sessions organized by the B2B Frontrunners community, caters to the needs of e-commerce, sales- & marketing managers and executives, digital professionals, owners of B2B and high-performance B2C companies, and customer experience managers, data analysts, and web developers.

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