Should you setup a marketplace to boost your B2B sales?

Online marketplaces set standards in terms of customer-centricity and product range. What do B2B companies need to know in order to succeed there? Our webinar will help you to develop your very own marketplace strategy.

Setup a marketplace to boost your B2B sales

The rise of Alibaba and Amazon is continuing strongly and offers many opportunities for B2B companies. Most answer this with either creating an own marketplace or integrate their offerings into one of the already established ones.

  • What opportunities does that offer exactly?
  • And what are the pitfalls when starting sales via a B2B marketplace?

We will share our own experience and insights from partners that focus on getting B2B companies successful with and on marketplaces.

Why are marketplaces so important?

Today’s B2B buyers primarily research and purchase online. Marketplaces are becoming more and more important, disrupting traditional B2B sales processes. Your buyers are already surfing there! So, give them access to a specific catalog or a selection of products per marketplace and offer them an excellent, consumer-like shopping experience at the same time. Or how about you set up your ideal marketplace yourself and watch your sales grow?

Marketplaces for B2B

  • Help you find new customers worldwide.
  • Help buyers discover your products.
  • Boost profits.
  • Provide a seamless customer journey.

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Gerrit Enthoven knows that organic search and sponsored product listings are costly. For him, marketplaces are an excellent way to quickly expand your reach, enter new markets, increase sales without making major investments. 

With Mirakl, Gerrit is joined by a partner who takes care that businesses of any size expand their reach, connect with more customers, and grow their business on B2B marketplaces. 

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