Have you started digitizing your B2B sales channels? Not yet? It’s about time to get started! Why? It is vital to build your digital business on a scalable and intelligent solution in order to grow.

In this webinar our digitization experts for the smart connection of AI and BI, Dr. Arndt Doehler and Dilip Menon, will show you how Intershop and its partners support you in creating a future-proof, scalable and intelligent B2B sales channel.

Once you successfully establish a digital commerce relation with your customers it’s key to focus on enriching this sales channel with intelligent services and business insights. This will create even more value for you and your customers.

Intershop customers have always benefited from our reliable, scalable, and secure digital B2X sales channels. Today, many of our customers make use of our  commerce solution running on Microsoft Azure. These commerce cloud services are boosted by additional intelligent services and machine learning algorithms that ultimately help YOU to create smart and personalized customer services.


Watch this webinar to:

  • See how Intershop supports complex supply chain and B2B sales processes for wholesalers, and manufacturers and retailers
  • Understand how sales agents of a Swiss manufacturer were able to cope with Covid-19 by leveraging their B2B portal with chat, call and co-browsing functionalities
  • Get to know Intershop’s new Data Service Hub that enables BI and AI capabilities
  • See how data and AI can support your business to make the right decisions

Look forward to 45 minutes of exciting content around the Intershop commerce solution and our AI & BI services.


Our experts:

Dilip Menon (ELCA)

As Senior Project Manager at our Swiss Integration Partner ELCA - Dilip Menon will present two practical examples how ELCA supports their local customers in Retail & Industry to better connect with their clients.

Lukas Eberle (Microsoft)

Microsofts Azure Cloud platform is leveraged by many startups and companies worldwide to solve today's challenges in the retail & CPG industry: As Microsoft's expert for this industry, Lukas Eberle connects relevant innovative solutions across the customer journey touchpoints with customers.

Arndt Döhler (Intershop)

As Director Research and Product Manager BI/AI at Intershop – Dr. Arndt Döhler shows how to collect and use business data as the important driving factor for future business, enriched with both a practical business reporting as well as a Machine Learning example application.

Ronni Swialkowski (Intershop)

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of e-commerce, Ronni Swialkowski is an expert for solutions in electronic commerce. As Vice President Strategic Alliances, he also leads the strategic partnership between Intershop and Microsoft on a global level, which forms the basis of many Intershop cloud services.

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