In the area of ​​digitization, there are great opportunities and challenges for wholesalers and manufacturers. For almost everyone it is not a choice: Nowadays things have to be different and above all digital!

We will take you, in collaboration with our business partner De Nieuwe Zaak, into how you can serve your customer better, offer more value, save time and optimize internal processes. The solution? A self-service portal, in which all information relevant to the customer is brought together, available 24/7. Curious about this portal for you? We give you practical examples based on success cases.


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Marlies Wilms Floet (De Nieuwe Zaak)

Marlies Wilms Floet is Teamlead CRO and, with a team of specialists, focuses on increasing conversion through user-centered design, user-friendliness, user tests, A/B tests, data-driven relevance and persuasiveness.

Roelof Swiers (Intershop)

As Country Manager Benelux, Roelof Swiers is responsible for the sale of Intershop Commerce Suite and Intershop Order Management.


Our experts will present the webinar in Dutch.

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Mercedes Celine Zaremba, Partner Marketing Manager

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