Increase margins and improve operational excellence by selling your highly customizable products online.


Most of us nowadays takes the notion of buying off-shelf products and services from a website as granted.

In the manufacturing space, “online shopping” often is limited to after-sales services, typically selling spare parts or consumables.

However, when it comes to configure, price, quote and sell highly customizable manufacturing products companies state that e-commerce is outside the possible.

Well, they are wrong.

In the joint webinar, experts from Tacton and Intershop show you how to sell complex products online, in a customer-friendly, fast, and efficient way. Learn how to empower anyone to become a product expert and how to benefit from self-services, provided on digital sales channels to:

  • attract new potential customers across all channels,
  • enable customers to visualize, configure and customize products quickly, on their own,
  • automatically generate personalized technical and commercial documentation,
  • create an engaging buying experience with Visual Configuration built for manufacturing,
  • monitor the interest of a customer even before the actual quote request,
  • facilitate the exchange of documents, such as proposals, and authorization workflows,
  • seamlessly transition the purchase of a complex product into a lucrative and long-lasting after-sales relation.

Our experts:

Per Rohdin • Customer Business Process Manager • Tacton

With a broad background in research, IT and innovation, I currently create value for manufacturing industries in their digital transformation journey, with the help of Industry 4.0 technologies such Configure-price-quote (CPQ), CAD design automation, high product variance and modularization, price management, value sales, sales automation, as well as SaaS and continuous business intelligence.

Mauro Boffardi • Customer Success Manager • Intershop

Architect of Omnichannel ecommerce solutions in Italy, Sweden and Norway for more than 20 years. He's always been the intermediary between the most recent technologies and the needs of business. Extremely pragmatic and solution-oriented, he cares for the success of Intershop's customers digital strategy.

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Mercedes Celine Zaremba, Partner Marketing Manager

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