Digitization is all about
empowering, connecting and growing business

Many organizations have either leveraged growth from their digitization or faced disruption from it. This report explores the players and companies in the e-commerce market according to different categories of digital maturity.

400 B2B decision-makers have shared with us their view on the state and future of digital commerce. What they say? It´s not sheer size that matters in the digital era, but the ability to understand that B2B commerce is operating on a self-accelerating cycle:

The faster you are right now, the faster and more successful you get.


The core findings are:

  • Experts of digitization have set high standards in terms of the sales channels.
  • The gap between the digitally mature and the immature will widen significantly and cause further disruption in the B2B sector.
  • Fast moves are required for beginners if they want to catch up with the trailblazers of their sector.
  • The barrier to entry for digitizing sales and service is actually pretty low.

Has your company started to digitize sales and services?