Intershop E-Commerce Report 2019

Be it the first online shop or a complex customer portal: e-commerce is the center of digitization.

The report examines:

  • Challenges of Digitalization
  • Digital Customer Portals
  • Future Trends

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Digitization is all about empowering, connecting and growing business

400 B2B decision-makers have shared with us their view on the state and future of digital commerce. What they say? It´s not sheer size that matters in the digital era, or having the most complex web shop, but the ability to understand that B2B commerce is operating on a self-accelerating cycle: The faster you are right now, the faster and more successful you get.

The core findings are:

  • Experts of digitization have set high standards in terms of the sales channels.
  • The gap between the digitally mature and the immature will widen significantly and cause further disruption in the B2B sector- e.g. with extended customer portals.
  • Fast moves are required for beginners if they want to catch up with the trailblazers of their sector.
  • A first online shop is deliverable as rented model.
  • The barrier to entry for digitizing sales and service is actually pretty low.

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