Choosing Your E-commerce Solution

The overall quality, agility and performance of an e-commerce website have a significant impact on a company’s ecosystem, making the selection of an e-commerce platform an important decision. This whitepaper has been developed by the consulting team of ESV Digital in partnership with NBS System to help decision makers choose the best e-commerce platform to support their business needs, whether they are a retailer, brand, pure player or B2B player.

Key findings based on the quantitative assessment of functionality across key business capabilities confirm Intershop’s top position as e-commerce solutions provider:

  • B2B: Intershop Commerce Suite is the best solution in the field of B2B e-commerce activities
  • International: Intershop Commerce Suite offers the strongest state-of-the-art internationalization and localization capabilities
  • IT: Intershop Commerce Suite performs best in back-office and store-front stability