Reinvented and Digitized B2B Selling

The traditional B2B sales model is at a critical turning point. Until recently, most B2B companies relied on print catalogs, armies of sales reps, and well-staffed call centers to drive and support customer purchases.
But today’s B2B customers are shifting their research and transaction activities online as well as onto their mobile devices. They are demanding B2C experiences, while expecting that B2B specific buying and self-management processes will be available and covered.

How do you do that?

In this report, we summarize our observations, learnings and best-practices gathered from working with B2B companies over the past 20 years. We explore in more depth the challenges B2B companies are facing today and discuss the approach they must take if they are to ride the digital wave, instead of being swept away.
We also take a look at concepts like ‘Persona profiling’ and the ‘Customer journey’, which can serve as a good starting point for achieving a successful digital transformation within the B2B commerce environment.