Practical Guide on Replatforming your
E-Commerce Platform

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Your guide on replatforming an e-commerce platform

“Never change a running system” is something IT experts love to say. There is nothing wrong with that, if you decide that growing your business, becoming more customer-focused and efficient is not something you want to achieve.

But for those who want to exceed in digitizing, replatforming the e-commerce platform is a major milestone. To succeed in your mission, our whitepaper serves as a practical guideline.

It will provide you with:

  • The five most common reasons why you should think about a new e-commerce solution
  • A practical guide to move through your replatforming project
  • The main risks to be avoided when replacing your e-commerce solution

In addition, the Intershop Toolbox will help you to speed up the project and identify a tailored solution.

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