How rental models can optimize business processes: Added value in the rental business with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE platform in combination with Intershop e-commerce 

Globalization and digitalization have changed the way B2B customers buy. Customers sometimes only want to rent products for a limited period of time, rather than buying them. Perhaps your customers only need certain machines for a temporary, unique project - which gives you the opportunity to provide the same machine to different customers again and again!

This new business model, Product-as-a-Service, not only offers you increased sales and high customer loyalty. The data obtained allows conclusions to be drawn about the purchasing and rental behavior of customers, and can help ensuring that services are tailored precisely to customer needs.

In our webinar we would like to show you how you need to adapt your e-commerce and service applications as well as your processes in order to respond to (new) customer needs.

Would you like to learn more about Product-as-a-Service and the advantages that manufacturers and distributors of rental models have in B2B? Then register now for the webinar!


What can you expect?

  • expand your business with Product-as-a-Service and other machinery rental and leasing models
  • enable your customers to use thealreadyestablishedwebshopexperience for your rental models 
  • increase your efficiency by processing the rental orders in the existing customer engagement platform
  • Predictive Maintenance within reach: by monitoring your machine park in the Customer Portal
  • reduce manual effort and errors through proactive analysis of the required consumables and spare parts
Look forward to 45 minutes of exciting content. Right after the webinar, our experts will spend around 15 minutes answering your questions about added value in the rental business with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE platform in combination with Intershop e-commerce.


Our experts:

Janko Sornik (Orbis)

As Business Unit Manager - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services at ORBIS AG, Janko Sornik will show how products that can be offered for short-term rental can be managed in MS Dynamics 365, taking into account all services (e.g. delivery, commissioning, maintenance, retrieval, cleaning), and how proactive measures can be taken to ensure smooth operation of the product. 

Christian Scheu (Orbis)

Christian Scheu will show you very practically how enquiries can be mapped and processed via CRM processes in order to ensure that the rental process runs smoothly. 


Lukas Kringe (Intershop)

Lukas Kringe shows how the "better rent than buy" business model can be integrated into one's own commerce processes. This involves both the optimal customer journey and integration into CRM and service processes.


The webinar will be presented in German.

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