What is the ROI of a future-proof B2B commerce platform?

A digital sales channel comes with a wide range of business benefits, which in total generate more revenue and greater competitiveness. Learn how to invest right and achieve a quick ROI.

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ROI of a future proof b2b commerce platform

Is e-commerce worth the investment?

You know it is. But you also need to convince other departments and the board that the investment in a future-proof B2B commerce platform is a must to stay in business and outperform your competition.

A practical guide for your successful business case

This whitepaper will provide you with insights and practical tips on how you can use the ROI of an e-commerce platform as a compelling argument to convince even notorious doubters with your business case. You will learn:

  • how to calculate Return on Investment (ROI), and why it is so important.
  • which direct and indirect benefits your organization will achieve through an e-commerce platform.
  • how much a B2B e-commerce platform costs.
  • how successful B2B companies such as Spinner, Häfele, Paredes and Raja achieved a quick ROI by implementing the Intershop Commerce Platform.

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Top 10 benefits of digital sales channels

Tobias Giese
Executive VP Customer Success LinkedIn
“To all those who still didn’t want to believe it, Covid-19 has made it clear that e-commerce is also indispensable in B2B. Sales have risen massively and are far from having reached their peak. In this whitepaper, we explain the areas where a modern e-commerce solution can help you leave your competitors behind and get a quick ROI on your investment.”
This whitepaper is a practical guide for determining the ROI of your e-commerce initiative. Happy reading!