Paradigm B2B Combine - Enterprise Report 2022

Intershop among top two vendors with 10 out of 12 medals, 5 X Gold

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About the Report

The Paradigm B2B Combine, written by former Forrester Sr. Commerce Analyst and B2B expert Andy Hoar, informs e-commerce platform buyers where individual solutions are relatively strong vs. weak. The purpose of the report is not to force-rank solutions, but rather to score the capabilities of certain offerings based on objective criteria so buyers can make informed decisions about what is most important for their unique business without spending months doing research.

Intershop was honored with the highest accolades for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Content & Data Management, Promotions Management, Transaction Management, and Customer Service & Support, and five additional medals across 12 categories. Intershop continues to receive high recognition for the third year in a row.

Download this report for coverage of nine B2B commerce vendors and their products and see how Intershop performed in each of the 12 categories.

“Intershop Commerce Management is particularly well-suited for enterprise B2B companies looking for a cost-effective, industrial-strength B2B eCommerce solution with especially robust pricing and promotions capability that can be customized for particularly complex scenarios."

The Paradigm B2B Combine (Enterprise Edition)

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10 out of 12 medals


Exclusive Video Interview

Look inside this report, learn how to prioritize requirements, and hear what should matter most to B2B companies in our exclusive video interview with Andy Hoar.