2021 will be the year to boost international commerce. The e-commerce surge makes it easy and low-risk to expand even more! But opening up new markets can lead to organizational and technical challenges. These can slow you down, cause high costs, or don’t bring in the desired results.  

Our expert panel of commerce leaders within manufacturing came together to share practical insights from rolling out e-commerce strategies globally. 


4 tips for starting international commerce successfully:

  • B2B customers deserve a B2C-like customer experience, but the overall requirements for B2B commerce are different! 
  • Don’t waste time to improve if the buying/procurement satisfaction drops to a level where customers tend to move to competitors. 
  • Don’t underestimate a good change management to guide your organization through the process. Communication is key! 
  • Start with most important markets that raise the bar for other regions. Let each brand own their own look&feel! 

→ B2B is no longer boring to boring! 


Our experts


Thomas Areskoug  VP Digital Platforms • Atlas Copco Industrial Technique 

Thomas is an experienced change leader in both B2C and B2B organizations with a management consulting background. He has had different leadership positions within retail, e-commerce, and FMCG. Always with a focus on performance improvement, requiring a mix of strategic and operational change. Thomas has worked for Atlas Copco for over one year now.  

Daniel Tholander  Director of Commercial Excellence  Rockwool 

Daniel has worked for Rockwool International A/S for almost five years. Responsibilities include Price Management, implementation of CRM, and CPQ while being overall responsible for the Sales Excellence process. Prior to Rockwool, Daniel has held several senior Sales and Pricing roles at Ford Motor Company and Royal Dutch Shell. 

Florian Kriz • Senior Manager Spare Parts • Vanderlande 

Florian has worked at Vanderlande for almost 7 years now. He started his first job at Vanderlande as a Service Consultant. Vanderlande is the global market leader in B2B for future-proof logistic process automation at airports, and in the parcel market. Florian is also a proud member of the B2B digital group, a LinkedIn group hosted by Evident and Intershop. 



I am there for you!

Frank Andersen, B2B Commerce Specialist
I have over 15 years of digital commerce experience in manufacturing and other industries. I am at your service if you need more information on how to excel in digital customer experience. Just give me a call or drop an e-mail.

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