The MVP concept: Start quickly with a range of best practices that have been proven successful


For the next years, the digital customer experience will make or break customer satisfaction and retention.

B2B buyers have higher expectations regarding their customer journey than several years ago. Autonomy, easy-to-use accounts, transparent shipping processes, extensive product information and personalized discounts are no news on mobile-friendly B2C websites.

In B2B, the standards are much lower. This is your chance to set yourself apart from your competition! Those players who ramp-up a commerce project quickly now will win more customers, and boost their sales with personalized up- and cross-sell potentials - but we know that such a B2B commerce project can be daunting.

Regarding the B2B webshop as a Minimum Viable Product can help. In just 100 days, with minimum financial risk, it can go live with just enough features to satisfy the early demand and win first new customers. In the next steps, you can respond quickly to changing needs, both internally and externally, while already cashing in profits.

Download your copy of our Whitepaper “MVP in E-Commerce” and learn how to get started!

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