The e-commerce MVP

Intershop's MVP (minimum viable product) approach enables you to quickly implement a fully functional e-commerce platform and further develop and adapt it to customer needs and market requirements during operation. This allows you to expand internationally at any time, remain successful in the long term, and keep the competition at bay.

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MVP in E-Commerce

Your new B2B online store could be live in 100 days!

When market conditions, technological developments, and customer preferences in e-commerce change frequently and rapidly, companies must be able to adapt quickly to new requirements. This is where agile management methods and development strategies come into play!

This whitepaper will introduce you to the MVP concept and highlights the many benefits of a customer-centric, step-by-step approach to product development.

You will learn:

  • what an e-commerce MVP is.
  • how much a minimum viable product costs and how it is created.
  • how Intershop can support you in developing your MVP.
  • why and how leading B2B companies such as SPINNER, Dynapac and Teka have implemented a fully functional e-commerce platform from Intershop in a very short time.

It’s about time to make replatforming easy! Download your guide to a minimum viable now and start reaping the rewards of agile e-commerce development.

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Advantages of an MVP at a glance

  • Risk minimization: A minimum viable product contributes to overall risk minimization by allowing you to test your concept and gather feedback early in the development process. 
  • Cost-efficiency: MVP development is cost-effective, making it a budget-friendly choice for businesses aiming to save resources.
  • Speed: Creating an MVP is a fast and straightforward process, enabling you to bring your platform to market quickly.
  • Customer focus: By launching a minimum viable product, you gain early insights into customer requirements, allowing you to tailor your e-commerce platform to their needs right from the start.
  • Agility: Minimum viable products enable you to react quickly to changing requirements, whether they arise within your company, from customer feedback, or due to market shifts.
Nils Breitmann
Principal Enterprise Architect at Intershop Communications AG
“MVPs are an elegant way to quickly bring a functional e-commerce platform live. In this whitepaper, we explain how MVPs save time and resources, accelerate the overall process, and enable permanent optimization and adaptation of the e-commerce solution to ever-changing scenarios during subsequent operation. For example, when the shopping experience has to meet new expectations or a changed business model has to be digitally mapped.”