Meet your customers in a smart customer portal

How does a successful strategy look like for your B2B customer portal? Tune in for our tips on how you can maximize customer satisfaction while streamlining your operations.

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Unravelling the secrets of smart customer portals

A survey by Copperberg of 125 e-commerce executives in manufacturing showed that 55% of the respondents plan to invest in a digital customer portal. Why? Because B2B customers love efficiency. They want convenient search options, exact and personalized product information and self-services. 

We will explore the four cornerstones of a smart B2B customer portal:
  • B2B self-services -  Managing cost centers, tracking order status/shipping, quote, bid, and invoice management, simple and automated (re-)ordering processes, and e-services for catalogs and EDI/OCI integration.
  • After-sales services - Frequently asked questions, chat, technical and commercial documents, e-learning, and automated offers for spare parts, consumables, and services.
  • Digital sales processes - Guided Selling, integration of sales apps, sales support, and customer registration/onboarding.
  • Digital service models - Linking products to service contracts, product bundles with services, and products as a service.

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You’ll come away from this session with a better understanding of: 

✔️ What are the biggest timesavers for my customers? 
✔️ How to create cross- and up-selling potential to your installed base?
✔️ What is the added value of my sales department?
✔️ How to create tailored services to meet customer needs?

Meet our speakers

Fiwe Systems & Consulting AB
Daniel Nordin
Senior Sales Executive
Mauro Boffardi
Country Sales Manager