Leveraging the aftermarket to improve customer retention

Do you want to make your customers happy? Returning again and again? Let us show you how to convert the first sale into a long and profitable relationship along the entire customer lifecycle.

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Why the aftermarket will increase the share of  wallet

Why the aftermarket will increase the share of  wallet

It’s a well-known secret: Acquiring new customers costs 10 times as much as keeping and nurturing existing clients. Business leaders recognize the challenges and increasing opportunities of the aftermarket, and are placing more emphasis on the sales of spare parts and services.

In this webinar, e-commerce specialist Mauro Boffardi and product information specialist Mattias Löfstrand share the formula for converting each sale onto a long and profitable customer relationship. 

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What will you learn?

  • What motivates your customers to return.
  • How your departments can support each other.
  • How a customer portal is more than just a shopping basket.
  • How gathered data can improve the development of new business models.

Meet the host of your webinar

E-commerce specialist Mauro Boffardi will walk you through two typical customer journeys where the customers can purchase services and spare parts from a personalized catalog, with configuration and drawings of their existing installed base, aligned in real-time with after-sales and engineering departments and field data collected via IoT.

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Mauro Boffardi
Customer Success Manager LinkedIn

Our aftermarket expert

Mattias specializes in strategies for implementing aftermarket parts solutions, and assist companies in implementing such solutions. Based on 15 years of experience in IT-solutions for parts, and 25 years in software projects, Mattias has contributed to both strategic perspectives and crucial details in setting goals and getting a solution to work in a business.
Mattias Löfstrand
CEO and Founder LinkedIn