9 Key Drivers for Success in B2B Digital Commerce

Many B2B companies face similar challenges when digitizing their sales processes. Here is your guide how to tackle them best.

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This e-book examines:

  • Key challenges of B2B wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Business insights from leading digital commerce experts
  • Recommendations to accelerate your online growth

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What is required to lead your B2B e-commerce strategy to success? How do you tackle organizational challenges? Which KPIs are of help to measure success? How does a perfect B2B e-commerce team look like? And how do you align your online and offline sales forces? These are some of the topics which are explored by the B2B Digital Commerce Group. Hosted by Intershop and Evident, the group unites a diversity of leading B2B wholesalers and manufacturers. Their most important findings, learnings, tips and tricks are published via various external media, a LinkedIn Group and YouTube.


Are you an e-commerce or digital business expert working for a B2B company? Feel free to join the B2B Digital Commerce Group on LinkedIn to share your insights and discuss challenges with peers.

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