Benchmark report “The State of International E-Commerce in Manufacturing”

Successful global e-commerce business: read our latest survey to benchmark against your peers and succeed in international commerce!
Benchmark report

Are you running a successful global e-commerce operation?

Your competition is eager to do so, and thus, boost their online revenue on an international scale. This is one of the key findings from our latest benchmark report, which explores the state of international commerce in manufacturing. Together with Evident and Copperberg we have surveyed 100+ leading manufacturers across Europe to find out where they stand in terms of local effectiveness, product complexity, commerce platforms, and future investments. The results and actionable insights will enable you to evaluate your own positioning and readjust accordingly.

What will you learn from this report?

If you are working for a manufacturing company aiming to leverage the full potential of international e-commerce, this report will provide you with insights and practical tips on how to:

  • prioritize the next steps on your global e-commerce roadmap
  • overcome the challenges of selling in multiple, diverse markets
  • balance corporate strategy and regional needs
  • increase online revenue by selling even the most complex products online
  • benefit from a modern, future-proof e-commerce platform by adopting a flexible “buy and build” strategy
  • drive global growth and thereby outperform your competition.

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The time is now—boost your global growth!

As our survey has shown, now is the right time for manufacturers to expand digital commerce and grow globally! If you want to achieve and maintain a competitive edge on an international level, you must put your focus on developing a strong, global e-commerce strategy that also enables localized responsiveness. Our report highlights the most effective strategies and best practices to guide you on your path towards international e-commerce success. Get inspired and maximize your business results!