How do you develop the right digital strategy to accelerate your business growth?

It´s no secret that the B2B industry is rapidly re-inventing business models. The B2C industry paved the way for digital sales models in the B2B cosmos since buyers seek to get the same convenient shopping experience they get from e-commerce giants at home. As a result, B2B businesses that don´t invest in digital channels are falling behind. But with the right vision and a thorough digital strategy, you can offer unique opportunities to meet customer´s constantly rising demands.

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Customer Insights - Listen to our discussion with United Refrigeration, Inc. and EnterWorks

United Refrigeration, Inc. (URI) recognized the potential of an extensive B2B online store early and has since become one of the largest distributors of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating parts and equipment in North America. Customers are mechanical and electrical contractors that service their commercial and residential customers. With an inventory of more than 100,000 products and a distribution network of 400+ companies, URI always manages to supply customers with the right products, an in-depth technical knowledge and an outstanding service at the right time.


Together with EnterWorks, we´ve been taking a look under the hood of URI´s digitalization strategy to learn:

• What´s necessary to create seamless and differentiated experiences that drive business results

• How URI aggregates and manages product content across all business applications

• Which challenges had to be overcome while going digital

• What initiatives will continue to support URI´s overall business growth


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