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Engineering Digital Commerce in B2B and Wholesale, Part 1

Get an overview of challenges, strategies and solutions for B2B digital commerce

For the past 25 years Intershop has been engineering digital business engines for hundreds of ambitious B2B and B2C companies around the world. Based on our experiences we have written many articles and whitepapers on vision, strategy and solutions, focusing on B2B and Wholesale. We have bundled these articles in two free whitepapers, called “Engineering Digital Commerce in B2B and Wholesale, Part 1 & 2”.

  • Part 1 focuses on vision, recent developments and omni-channel experience
  • Part 2 gets you started with your e-commerce strategy, order management, content, customer experience and with choosing the right platform

Both whitepapers are filled with practical knowledge, best practices and customer success stories. An ideal way to get your knowledge up-to-date and get started with digital transformation. Start by downloading “Engineering Digital Commerce in B2B and Wholesale, Part 1” today.

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