How Manufacturers and Distributors collaborate

Cashing in with Digital Channel Partners

By collaborating on digital product data, supply and demand, manufacturers, distributors, and other channel partners can secure additional business opportunities and avoid the risk of being sidelined.

This report explores how channel partners are proactively embracing collaborative digital technology strategies for profitable relationships.

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Why read this report?

A recent survey of B2B buyers by Digital Commerce 360 found that nearly three-quarters of respondents cited the ease of finding products and the richness of product information as critical elements of e-commerce sites. And it takes robust collaboration among manufacturers and distributors to ensure e-commerce sites have the product data that supports those elements.

This report will guide you in establishing a strong data foundation with your channel partners, fostering mutual business growth.

Learn more about:

  • How e-commerce brings manufacturers closer to customers, distributors and dealers.
  • How B2B companies are effectively distributing product displays, supporting manufacturers' branded images, and increasing online conversions.
  • How B2B companies are collaborating on new self-service e-commerce venues and logistics operations to expand how they connect with customers.

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