Intershop's latest report on the future of B2B e-commerce

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More efficiency, more sales, more customer satisfaction: Are you ready to boost your B2B business?

400 B2B decision-makers around the world have shared with us their view on the state and future of B2B e-commerce. Regardless of their digital maturity level, they all agree that they must innovate and digitize ...or die. In fact, 77% of respondents say that companies that do not start digitizing now will stop doing business in five years. That's not an option for you!

Let these survey results guide your digitization strategy:

  1. 100% of the organizations we surveyed have experienced benefits as a result of digitizing sales and services
  2. By increasing financial investments B2B companies are trying to accelerate their digitization speed. 
  3. However, there is a lot of room for improvement: only 56% of processes and departments in companies are fully digitized.
  4. Digital mature companies are more likely to report a fully implemented digitization strategy (82%).
  5. The top-3 strategic goals of digitization projects are an increase in turnover (47%), market share (45%) and customer experience (46%).
  6. The top trend until 2022 is the automation of sales processes, including, e.g., self-service portals with AI-based personalized products and e-services in combination with chat bots for daily customer service.
  7.  Last, but not least: Speed beats perfection!!! The faster you are to adopt digitization, the faster and more successful you get. 

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