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Discover the fast-changing world of B2B e-commerce and enrich your boardroom discussions with insights and strategies for success across 7 key themes covered in this Discussion Paper.

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Discover the key topics driving success in B2B e-commerce

Our partner, Customer Journey Experts, has curated this Discussion Paper to provide valuable perspectives and actionable insights that can be applied to every stage of the buyer journey and your business. As you navigate the dynamic landscape of B2B e-commerce, we trust that the insights provided in this paper will serve as a valuable resource to support your growth and success. Download the Discussion Paper now to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead in the game.

Here are the 7 key topics covered in this Discussion Paper:

  1. Empowering B2B growth with data-driven intelligence
  2. Enhancing B2B e-commerce with highly personalized user experiences
  3. Embracing sustainability and social responsibility
  4. Harnessing the potential of platforms in B2B e-commerce
  5. The potential of ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies in B2B
  6. The opportunities new technologies offer in B2B
  7. Holistic ways of working to improve user experience and business performance

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