Report “The state of digital innovation within manufacturing”

Are you meeting your clients’ rising expectations? Our free report reveals the ambitions manufacturers have, and opportunities they see to digitize sales processes further to achieve sustainable growth.

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Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales

Manufacturing companies these days strive to improve customer satisfaction and to increase sales to their installed base. How about you? Which digital innovation will make your B2B customers satisfied? Smooth processes that serve their purposes? Customers want to self-manage their webshop accounts, subscribe to regular products and find everything they need in one place. Unfortunately, most sales- and services processes of manufacturers do not support this sufficiently. Do you?

Will your customers be loyal?

Your customers might move to your competitors, who serve them better with digital innovations. This could impact your future revenue and profits. The real question is, will your customers still be loyal 2 or 3 years from now? Are you making the necessary investments into digital capabilities - e.g. a powerful e-commerce platform for manufacturers - to meet your clients' rising expectations?

What to learn from this report on digital innovation?

If you have the C-level support and a digitization strategy in place, our report will:

  • support you in deciding how to move forward,
  • present practical tips on how to overcome your challenges,
  • advise how to create a customer-centric digital sales channel
  • give you an overview of technological answers to your needs
  • provide you with insights on how far your competitors have already come in their digital innovation efforts.

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