What is the ROI in B2B e-commerce?

Do you need to convince your board that investing in e-commerce is mission-critical for future growth? In our webinar we will share valuable insights that will help you build a business case to unlock the full potential of your B2B business.

ROI in B2B e-commerce

E-Commerce ROI explored

Digitalization and the growing autonomy of buyers motivate B2B companies to invest in digital commerce portals. A digital strategy needs a strong underlying KPI: the return on investment.

The webinar will dive into the 5 areas that define the Return on Investment (ROI): increased wallet share, new customer acquisition and market development, organizational efficiency, gross margin impact, and improved customer experience and customer retention.

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Breaking down the ROI of B2B commerce

Investing in a future-proof B2B commerce platform is a must to stay in business. E-commerce – if done right – will make your customers fall in love with your organization. If you offer exactly what they need at the right time, there's a good chance customers will order more. So – give them the best customer experience possible for a fast ROI! And think about cutting costs. Automating repetitive tasks such as self-service options for your customers will free up human capital that can be invested in other ways to improve customer experience. Get ready for lots of valuable insights and a clear vision for your next big investment!

What you will learn:
  • How to increase wallet share from existing customers?
  • What is the value of e-commerce in new markets?
  • How does e-commerce contribute to organizational efficiency?
  • What impact does e-commerce have on gross margin?
  • How does e-commerce improve customer experience?