Replatforming in e-commerce: It’s about time!

Many companies are struggling with outdated e-commerce platforms that can no longer keep pace with market and customer demands. How about you? Here are the 6 most important questions that you should ask yourself if you want your replatforming initiative become a success.

replatforming in e-commerce

Six reasons why

Legacy systems often no longer meet the growing requirements of digital commerce. Since they are not flexible enough to be adjusted, they become an obstacle to business development.

Join us to find the answers to six important questions to ask yourself if your digital commerce success isn't what you want it to be.

Put your customers first in your B2B sales project

The customer drives the evolution of your online shop. A customer-centric digitalization reduces the cost of each interaction, shifts the focus from your sales staff from repetitive tasks to value adding customer support, and leads to the main goal: improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Questions for success

  1. How do I increase customer satisfaction?
  2. Will the platform grow as the company does?
  3. How do I respond quickly to changing customer needs and new business opportunities?
  4. What do I need for an individual, distinctive online shop?
  5. What helps against system instability and poor performance?
  6. Can I save time and money by replatforming?
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In this webinar, e-commerce professional Mauro Boffardi will challenge you to design an e-commerce that not only meets your current needs but also enables future innovations and business models. Who knows what your customers want in five years?

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