Raja’s learnings with Digital Self Services and Customer Portals: The feedback by Raja Customers

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Raja has grown their online turnover from just 100M online business to more than 1 billion euro. From France to 18 countries today and 25 subsidiaries. Consequently, they received the nomination for the French market’s best B2B commerce solution in May 2021.

Do you want to learn how they achieved this?

They focussed on creating the ultimate customer experience by introducing a rich set of Digital Self Services and personalized customer portals with lots of interesting B2B features, which saved customers time and made doing business easier. In this webinar, you will learn about the steps Raja has taken to offer this distinctive customer experience, why Raja customers love their customer portal, and the lessons they have learned from their customers.


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Customer speaker

Joined RAJA in 1990. After having held the position of the Catalogs project manager in charge of designing loyalty and prospecting catalogs, she took over the responsibility for mail-order sales actions and the marketing plan of RAJA France. As of 2004, she led the Marketing Department for France. In 2011 she was assigned the responsibility for Marketing and Internet Department to steer the omnichannel strategy and create the e-commerce at Raja.

Nathalie Chapusot
Managing Director Marketing / Sales and E-commerce

Partner speaker

After 15 years in B2B distribution, Cyrille joined DATASOLUTION and regularly intervenes as an expert and consultant around e-Commerce, B2B, and data management challenges.

Cyrille de Sagazan
Marketing Director, Products and Solutions

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Toufik has been active in e-business transformation projects for 20 years. He is knowledgeable on various technological innovations (IA, IoT, Blockchain) to improve the experience of B2B customers.

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Toufik Boudellal
Country Manager France LinkedIn

Here are some of the main takeaways from this webinar:

  • The essentials for personalization within B2B commerce. The case of 123 Roulement, Groupe Avtrade (Raja Customer).
  • The importance of Self-Service. The case of Wing, Uber Eats (Raja Customer).
  • The 360° view of the Customer via the digital customer portal. The case of Planet Cards, Laboratoire UNAE
  • The onboarding of newly acquired subsidiaries, onboarding their customers to Raja Digital Platform. The case of Staples (Raja acquisition).
  • The impact of the digital customer portal on the turnover of Groupe Raja and lead generation.
About Raja

With almost 70 years of market experience, the RAJA Group supplies over one million customers throughout Europe and offers the largest selection of packaging materials, with 200,000 products. The RAJA Group pursues an omnichannel multi-channel distribution strategy through four complementary channels: catalog, Internet, telephone, and field service – and this is very successful, as the turnover of 1.02 euros in 2020 proves.

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