Order management: The key to a seamless omnichannel customer experience

Learn in this webinar how you can sell, fulfill and return from anywhere with a powerful cloud-based order management system (OMS) for B2B.


Simplifying order management in B2B e-commerce

Seamless order management requires real-time insight into inventory and deliveries, plus effective connections with your warehouses, suppliers, and distributors. By leveraging the potential of a powerful order management system (OMS) you can provide your B2B customers with all the order-related information they need, from all your different sales channels. This enables you to quickly react to changing requirements while offering a consistent, convenient shopping experience.

Frictionless B2B e-commerce...

  • Presents real-time stock information on every channel 
  • Provides many delivery models (click&collect, dropshipping or delivery at a specific time and place)
  • Provides payment and billing management for approval, payment, and credit processes, plus easy integration with different payment providers
  • Ensures quick, automated returns that seamlessly link all the platforms and parties involved in the process
  • Let's you split orders so that urgently needed goods can arrive earlier 
  • Offers customer a single view on all order history to review past orders and invoices and make re-ordering easier

Learn in this webinar how a powerful OMS will support you in streamlining your ordering processes and delivering frictionless B2B e-commerce experiences!

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In this webinar, B2B e-commerce expert Gerrit Enthoven will demonstrate how to efficiently manage omnichannel orders with the help of an order management system.

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