Let data drive your online sales with a B2B customer portal!

A digital customer portal can use data from multiple sources to enable a personalized buying experience for B2B professionals. In the webinar we tell you how it’s done.

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Personalize your digital after-sales with AI

Having an online shop has become crucial for B2B companies as demand for online purchasing in businesses is increasing. Use it to gather information!

A digital customer portal can leverage data from multiple sources in order to personalize content and services for a longer, more profitable customer relationship. In our webinar, you will see how this can look like.

AI-based services and recommendations in B2B commerce

A digital customer portal can use data collected from local IT such as CRM, PIM, OMS, CAD, ERP, but also from marketplaces, fulfillment centers, payment providers and service partners. But there are other sources as well: smart machines and IoT components. Modern tools based on machine learning can leverage that and create new business models and services such as predictive maintenance or automatic reordering of consumables or spare parts – to boost revenue, increase customer loyalty and keep the uptime of installations high!

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What you will learn:

  • Success factors in digital after-sales
  • How to get from a simple webshop to a digital customer portal
  • How connecting a CRM will boost personalization
  • How to leverage AI for new digital services

Meet the host of your webinar

With his about 15 years' experience in e-commerce, Tobias drives the evolution of simple websites to customer portals in many aspects. A customer portal is especially effective in after-sales, where the installed base can fuel cross- and up-sell potential.

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Tobias Giese
Global VP Digital Solutions


Jörg Scholtz, Managing Director, from neusta Webservices will share insights into gathering data from commerce, ERP and other systems in order to boost personalization.
neusta Webservices
Jörg Scholtz
Managing Director