Not just a sale: Keep your customers for life!

The key to business success are happy and satisfied customers. In the webinar we show you how to convert each and every sale into a long and profitable relationship along the entire customer lifecycle.

Increase the share of wallet

Increase the share of wallet

It’s a well-known secret: Acquiring new customers costs 10 times as much as keeping and nurturing existing customers. B2B companies can use digital sales to keep their customers close.

Happy customers return. Again and again. Let your digital sales make their daily life easier, and you will be able to guide them towards the broader range of products and services you offer.


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Use, Ask, Engage!

Many B2B organizations already have a simple online shop or some kind of online order portal. Yet, those B2B companies mainly focus on the buyer phases Discover, Explore and Buy. B2B, however, is all about long-term relationships and recurring purchases. When you support the onboarding of a purchased product, present the right (self-) services and engage with proactive, relevant up- and cross-sell offers, you will add value for your customer – which will boost your online sales almost automatically.

What will you learn?

  • What motivates your customers to return.
  • How your departments can support each other.
  • How a customer portal is more than just a shopping basket.
  • How gathered data can improve the development of new business models.

Meet the host of your webinar

E-commerce specialist Mauro Boffardi will share the formula for converting each sale to a long and profitable customer relationship.

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