International E-Commerce in Manufacturing


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How to get started and scale quickly

Manufacturers can start their international e-commerce journey by selling packaged goods in one country, but this journey is going to become more complex over the years.

Soon questions need answers:

  • How do you integrate local logistics or distributors?
  • What needs to be done local, what can be managed centrally?
  • What about the ROI of this initiative and which (new) business models can be integrated?

Learn from Atlas Copco, Zeiss Meditec, Evident and Intershop how manufacturers can leverage digital commerce now and in the future.

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The speakers

Decision-makers of leading manufacturers - Marco Kranz (Zeiss Medical Technology) and Thomas Areskoug (Atlas Copco Industrial Technique) - came together to reflect strategies, success and discuss future plans to boost customer experience in multiple regions. Herbert Pesch,  Evident and Gerrit Enthoven, Intershop present the results of our latest survey report and discuss the findings with globally selling manufacturers.
Marco Kranz
Zeiss Medical Technology
Marco Kranz
Digital Product Owner E-Commerce Tools LinkedIn
Thomas Areskoug
VP Digital Platforms LinkedIn
Herbert Pesch
Founder / CCO LinkedIn
Gerrit Enthoven
Director EMEA-West LinkedIn

The state of international e-commerce in manufacturing

Together with Copperberg, Intershop and Evident conducted a survey with 100+ leading pan-european manufacturers. The results prove: now is the right time for manufacturers to expand digital commerce and grow globally! If you want to achieve and maintain a competitive edge on an international level, you must put your focus on developing a strong, global e-commerce strategy that also enables localized responsiveness. Our report highlights the most effective strategies and best practices to guide you on your path towards international e-commerce success.

Download the survey report now!


Take-aways from Atlas Copco and Zeiss regarding international e-commerce

  • Make buying from you as easy as possible
  • Manage globally, act locally
  • Be prepared to scale in volume and requirements
  • Open your sales channel for complex products
  • Create one single point of information (a customer portal)