How to improve profitability over the full customer lifetime

A customer portal for B2B aftermarket purposes can increase the profitability of your e-commerce for many years. Watch and learn how it works!

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Up- and cross-selling in B2B

Customers of manufacturers want to preserve their investments and keep machines operational as long as possible. This is the perfect playground for additional sales and after-sales services.

Support customers with proper instructions, correct spare parts, documentation, and service manuals or any information that enables them to reach the machine’s highest possible uptime. Of course, 24/7 in both on-line and offline mode.

Product information is key

You can increase the profitability of your customers from the moment of the initial sale. Make it easy to identify the part that needs to be replaced and ordered. For all phases of the customer journey, relevant information is required. With correct information, the right parts are ordered, which can then be replaced quickly, efficiently and on time. This will guarantee that the machines remain fully operational and ensures recurring revenue.

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What you will learn

  • Embark upon digital transformation for your spare parts line of business.
  • Use your information advantage when competing in the aftermarket.
  • Strategically build up your aftermarket data as a PIM to be able to work with rich content.
  • Offer a seamless purchase experience to increase customer loyalty and turnover.

Meet the host of your webinar

E-commerce specialist Mauro Boffardi will walk you through two typical customer journeys where the customers can purchase services and spare parts from a personalized catalog, with configuration and drawings of their existing installed base, aligned in real-time with after-sales and engineering departments and field data collected via IoT.

Contact Mauro directly

Mauro Boffardi
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Supporting speaker

Ruud De Bruijckere from Signifikant has more than 25 years of experience within real-time expert systems, predictive maintenance, and aftermarket information management systems. Ruud is responsible for Signifikant’s research projects around circular economy and sustainable development.
Ruud De Bruijckere
VP Product Development