How to develop the right digital strategy for business growth?

B2B companies need to put their customers first in every part of their digital journey. In this webinar we show you how to ensure rising revenue and constant growth.

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Webinar: how to develop the right digital strategy for business growth.

Digital B2B sales done right

The B2C industry paved the way for digital sales models in the B2B space as buyers want the same convenient shopping experience they get on their favorite online shops at home.

As a result, B2B businesses that don’t invest in digital channels are falling behind. But with the right vision and a thorough digital strategy, you can offer unique opportunities to meet customers’ constantly rising demands.

Vision and the right partners lead success

Founded in 1947, United Refrigeration, Inc. has a long history in the wholesaling business and invested in digital technologies like CMS and ERP systems even before the internet was widely available. To position the company for the digital future, URI decided to formulate a clear strategy moving forward – away from legacy systems and processes to a new B2C-inspired online business for B2B customers. See what it takes to master such a transition and how PIM and e-commerce can synergize to sell hundreds of thousands of products online.

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What you will learn:

  • What’s necessary to create seamless and differentiated experiences that drive business results
  • How URI manages product content, many product relationships and complex shipping rules
  • Which challenges had to be overcome while going digital
  • What initiatives will continue to support URI´s overall business growth

Meet the host of your webinar

Together with United Refrigeration, Inc. and EnterWorks, Octavio will take a look under the hood of URI’s digitalization strategy. They have recognized the potential of an extensive B2B online store early and has since become one of the largest distributors in North America.

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The experts

URI distributes refrigeration, air conditioning and heating parts and has grown to an inventory of 100,000+ products and a distribution network of 400+ companies.
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