A customer portal can increase your clients’ loyalty!

If you want to reduce costs, attract new customers, improve customer loyalty and offer a modern user experience, you should watch this webinar.

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Enhance client loyalty with a customer portal

More than just selling

Digital customer portals are becoming the primary platform for handling increasingly digitized customer relationships.

If you seek information on how to reduce cost per transaction, attract new customers, improve customer loyalty and offer a modern user experience, all while boosting your after-sales business, you should watch this webinar.

E-commerce and services for manufacturers

A machine can consist of several thousand parts, of which about 20 percent are on average "customized". In addition, the life cycle of the products is long and service and maintenance are an important part of the overall business. New digital services and bundles of product and subsequent services can create added value for long-term customer loyalty. In addition, digital self-service functions help to realize savings. In a customer portal, you can bring it all together.

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What you will learn:

  • Benefits of a customer portal. 
  • Efficient and profitable digital customer interactions.
  • Increased customer loyalty.

Meet the host of your webinar

With his about 15 years' experience in e-commerce, Tobias drives the evolution of simple websites to customer portals in many aspects. In a practical example, he will show you how the future of B2B commerce looks like.

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Tobias Giese
Global VP Digital Solutions


Dan Andersson from Columbus Global is joining Tobias, for his mission is to help our customers to gear up for the future and to succeed in the digital transformation.
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Head of Strategy