You are searching for profitable strategies for the digital transformation of your B2B company?

Our checklist provides you with practical tips for the successful digitalization of your B2B sales and service processes. Amongst others, it will enable you to:

  • Generate loyal and satisfied clients
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency in daily business

Digital Excellence: Your business success is important to us!

Digitalization is progressing faster and faster and changes B2B business models fundamentally. To keep up and differentiate from the competition, a sustainable sales strategy focusing the client, his needs and his changing (purchasing) habits is needed. In conclusion, it is no longer about whether or not the implementation of B2B online sales makes sense. The decisive question is how:

  • How can we integrate the digital channel in our sales strategy in an efficient way and at low risk?
  • How can we ameliorate customer experience?
  • How can we generate traffic on our platform?
  • How can we keep consistency along all Touchpoints?
  • How can we compete successfully with marketplace giants such as Amazon or Alibaba?

The good news first: Everything is possible!

Although the digitalization of sales and service processes at manufacturers and wholesalers might be linked to smaller or bigger challenges, you will be able to master them.

Our checklist will support you on your way to digital excellence. Based on our experiences from numerous digitalization projects, we compiled valuable tips and tricks to plan your next steps in B2B e-commerce. Tip nr. 7 will surprise you!


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Frank Andersen, B2B Commerce Specialist Europe
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Octavio Perales, Director of Soltions US & Canada
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