The value of a digital customer portal from a business perspective

A digital customer portal is the next evolution of the B2B online shop, because it is the best customer-centric solution you can offer.

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Would you like to offer your B2B customers a seamless buyer journey?

A digital customer portal empowers you to do just that. It is the next evolution of the B2B webshop, providing a full spectrum of services during the various phases of the customer lifecycle.

This whitepaper examines the 4 key pillars of a digital customer portal:
  • B2B self-services: What are the biggest timesavers for my customers?
  • After-sales services: How to create cross- and up-selling
    potential to your installed base?
  • Digital sales processes: What is the added value of my sales department?
  • Digital service models: How to create tailored services to meet customer needs?

With this knowledge, you will strengthen brand loyalty, boost sales and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Go for it!

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