Mastering Intershop to leverage highly personalized content and user experiences

Improve your expertise, gain actionable insights, and elevate your business with Intershop's advanced features. 


Highly efficient B2B purchasing processes through personalization

In our in-depth session, we'll delve into the Intershop Commerce Platform, uncovering how to harness a wide range of personalization features based on practical use cases. A unique design for the front-end using the Intershop PWA, with personalized content, campaigns, pricing, catalogs, products, search results, recommendations, shipping, and payment methods, elevating the customer journey to a highly efficient and effective purchase process.

What makes this personalization special is how it improves every step of the buying process, making the whole shopping experience better. Plus, it easily works with your current IT setup, using data from other systems and making the switch to enhanced e-commerce smooth.

Join our Deep Dive session to learn how to maximize the use of Intershop's capabilities, and gain insights from real-world use cases and best practices of leading Intershop customers.

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What will you take out?

  • Deliver accurate search results to online shop visitors, using Artificial Intelligence, and turn them into satisfied, repeat buyers.
  • Create customer-specific product assortments and pricing to ensure convenient purchasing processes and customer loyalty.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence for personalized recommendations that accurately serve customer needs, increasing order value and share of wallet.
  • Provide customers with 24/7 access to a personalized customer portal with all relevant self-service functionalities and information, saving them time.

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Join our Intershop Deep Dive series and hear from Intershop experts who will share all the specifics of Intershop's platform integration capabilities and features. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain in-depth insights and ask questions to enhance your e-commerce strategies. Register now to take the first step in unleashing the power of big data for your business.

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Simo Benziane
Sales Solution Engineer
Chi Shing Chang
Managing Director

Who should attend?

This Deep-Dive caters to the needs of B2B Frontrunners community members, e-commerce managers, data analysts, web developers, customer experience managers, and digital professionals of Intershop users or those researching B2B e-commerce platforms.