Replatforming legacy e-commerce systems:
A technical view

Learn how to gradually transition to a new platform, run two solutions in parallel and/or retain fundamental parts of the old solution and incorporate them smoothly into the new system.

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replatforming legacy e-commerce systems - technical view

How can IT managers turn a replatforming dilemma into success?

If you believe that replatforming projects are inevitably disruptive, impact all areas of the legacy solution, drive up hidden costs and cause unpredictable delays, this free whitepaper will present you with three proven strategies to ease your mind.

3 strategies to make your replatforming work

This whitepaper explains proven approaches on how to tackle an e-commerce replatforming project from a technical perspective:

  • Use a proof of concept (PoC) to make sure the new platform can really solve your issues.
  • Create a heatmap to identify where to prioritize and to start.
  • Explore the pearl strategy to keep necessary legacy elements alive within your new platform.

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Mauro Boffardi
Customer Success Manager LinkedIn
"For this e-book, I shared my expertise from many complex replatforming projects. I used these three strategies for migrating to a new platform before, when it seemed impossible due to obsolete and complex software architectures."

Mauro also shared his expertise on the Intershop Blog.

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