Replatforming in B2B commerce: Success factors and best practices

Outdated systems often no longer meet the growing requirements of digital commerce. That’s why replatforming is your necessary next step in digital transformation. Go for it!
e-commerce replatforming in b2b commerce

Can replatforming solve your e-commerce challenges?

Replatforming – the changeover to a modern B2B e-commerce solution that is designed to meet the growing expectations of demanding B2B customers – is very often believed to be (too) expensive and time-consuming. Yet this is an inaccurate and dangerous assumption. If you want to be successful in B2B in the long term, you have to continuously develop your online business and choose an e-commerce platform that meets your current needs but also enables future innovation and advancement.

Our whitepaper answers 4 important questions about making your organization future-proof:

  • How do I respond to changing customer needs?
  • What do I need to make my online shop distinctive and flexible?
  • How do I prevent system instability and poor performance?
  • Can replatforming help me save time and money?

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5 reasons why you should think about replatforming

Mauro Boffardi
Customer Success Manager LinkedIn
"Technological development nowadays is relentlessly fast and customers will always expect the latest features when doing business on a platform. And if they don’t get what they expect they will look for it elsewhere. I contributed to this whitepaper to show how replatforming solves your e-commerce challenges in four ways."

Mauro also shared his expertise on the Intershop Blog.

This whitepaper is a practical guide for your replatforming project. Happy reading!